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Kickstarter Campaigns, Crowdfunding and the Importance of Good Marketing

The most popular way to start a business or get funds for your  idea and/or invention is to make a startup project on one of the websites  which offer these services. However, in order to make a successful campaign one must know several tips and tricks.


Firstly, you must know how these pages work, that is, to carefully read the rules of the service providing website to successfully submit the idea. Approximately 75% of projects make it through, whereas the rest 25 % gets rejected and mostly due to disregarding the guidelines.

Project creator needs to have the goal and the deadline which needs to be reached in order to get the money. If the goal is not reached by the deadline one will not get the money.  Around 44% of projects have reached their funding goals. 

To have a successful campaign there are several things the creator needs to know. Namely, before the actual launching you need to inform the people about it, so the campaign needs to start several months before the product launching. The creator needs to announce it and create a fanbase.

The next step is to find promoters and influencers to do the marketing for your product. You need to contact social media influencers, magazine editors, bloggers and present them your product. It usually takes some time for them to write anything about it. 

When it comes to deadlines and funding goals the studies have shown that 30 day campaigns have 35% more success than those lasting 60 days.

When the product is finally launched you need to promote it through social media to attract the fans and keep them updated. 

The last step is to pay attention to investor and fans. Keep them updated, well-informed and guide them through the process. 

When it comes to connecting with the bloggers editors and influencers as well as keeping them updated and engage that is where we step in. We find the connections the project creators need, since the projects are very versatile. Below are some of the most successful Kickstarter  campaigns. 


Supermechanical’s Twine is a wireless sensor block tightly integrated with a cloud-based service. The durable, rubbery block has Wi-Fi, on-board temperature and orientation sensors, and an expansion connector for other sensors. Power is supplied by micro USB or two AAA batteries that will run for up to 3 months (and Twine will email you when you need to change the batteries).

The goal for Twine was to collect 35,000 dollars; however they managed to get 556,541 dollars.



The Virtuix Omni is the first virtual reality interaface for moving freely and naturally in your favorite game. The Omni takes virtual reality to the next level, allowing anyone to stand up and traverse virtual worlds with the natural use of their own feet.

The goal was to collect 150,000 dollars; however they managed to collect 1,109,351 dollars.



Remee is a sleep mask designed to help increase the frequency of your Lucid Dreams. 

The goal was to collect 35,000 dollars, but they managed to get 572,891dollars.



Form 1+  High-Resolution 3D Printer 

Formlab’s affordable, high-resolution 3D printer for professional creators.  The goal was to collect 100,000 dollars but got 2,945,885 dollars.  



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