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In age overflowing with information sources it is difficult to find the most reliable one or even know where to start. When conducting our researches we primarily verify the source of information and data. The collected data is processed and reorganized in sections. We strive to cover all aspects of market including SWOT analysis, statistics and other relevant information required by the client. The researches usually include the present state of the market, the previous state of the market and also predictions for future development based on statistics and researches conducted by relevant experts.

Prompt market research will save you money in the long run. That way you will be sure you are investing in the right product at the right time.  Regardless of the reason, failing to do market research can be devastating for your product.

Our research process runs as follows:

  • General market data (market size over the last few years, current trends, statistics, future outlook)
  • Consumers (potential clients, demographics, psychographics, pain points)
  • Competitors (list of key competitors, indirect competition, business analysis, SWOT)
  • Other details – depending on client needs

Some of our projects:

  • Market, competitor, customer research on USA dating apps
  • Market Research - Cell Phone Accessory Market
  • Market Research - French Sportbooks
  • Need a initial go-to-market research for a tool built for cryptocurrency daily traders
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CLICK is a team with more than 10 years of experience in the field of marketing, lead generation, data enrichment, data appending and research. It started over 10 years ago as freelancers dealing primarily with researches. In 2011 we decided to join Elance community and further expand the business. After Elance became Upwork, we continued expanding our business as you can see from our profile.

Eventually it grew into a successful company with more than 1000 projects and numerous satisfied clients. Our company has worked with clients from many different countries as their remote partner.